Tammy Walker

 YOU: Busy, career-driven and generally awesome, but stuck in a pattern that keeps you from feeling, looking and living as healthy as you'd like. You're ready to make a change that allows you to have a healthy lifestyle and still live the life you want. You wish you had the keys to keeping stress in check, controlling your cravings and banishing that puffy, heavy feeling. You'd love a clear path to your ideal weight that actually jives with a demanding career, fun social life and love of good food. Diets, deprivation and attempting to get by on willpower alone are not your thing. You want a new approach. 


ME: A certified health and nutrition coach who supports you step-by-step through food and lifestyle changes that are tailored to your needs, preferences and day-to-day life. With my refreshingly realistic approach, you learn to make the best food choices, develop healthier daily habits and finally get past the barriers that have held you back. I guide you through a healthy transformation that you can stick with for the long-term.

We sound like a good match, yeah?

Together, we hack into the habits and hang-ups that prevent you from living your vision of a healthy life.  You have my support, guidance, food/nutrition expertise and enthusiasm for making the process fun and interesting.  

So where does this get you? Depending on your specific goals, benefits can include:

  • Losing weight without calorie-counting, deprivation or crappy "diet" food.
  • Knowing how to use food to protect your body and mind from the effects of stress (which happens to be a big factor in premature aging and developing disease.  Just sayin'!)
  • Better digestion, which means feeling lighter, having more energy and clearer thinking.
  • Confidence in making better food choices at the grocery store, at work, at restaurants and while traveling, so you maintain success anywhere.
  • Nipping bad habits in the bud before they turn into into chronic problems.
  • Experiencing just how profoundly what you eat can change the way you feel.


Curious how I can support you in making better food choices and developing healthier habits, so you're feeling and looking your best ever? Contact me here.

“A year from now, you may wish you had started today. “  ~ Karen Lamb